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If you’re new to cloud-based business technology, you might not know how much there is to gain from the latest offerings on the market.

There’s a slew of new vendors every year releasing new solutions for e-commerce, financial management, enterprise resource planning, and even customer relations management, with many of them promising quite remarkable performance improvements across diverse industries and business sizes.

NetSuite is one of the most innovative vendors of the last decade.

And with some truly unique software and services—and fresh approaches to management for businesses still finding their feet—they’re fast becoming a globally preferred vendor for cloud-based business services.

There’s a reason why NetSuite has been so successful in streamlining the day to day operations of more than 30,000 businesses.

And if you’re an owner looking for ways to reduce the headache of managing the financial and logistical movements of your business—or to cut the fat and boost your revenue—there’s a good chance you’ll find them in NetSuite’s simple formula for making business better.

1. Efficiency

If you haven’t yet moved your business resources into the cloud, it’s time to consider embracing technology that is virtually guaranteed to slash your operating costs and save your valuable time.

Cloud-based services eliminate the need for onsite hardware and software, as well as sourcing expensive third-party professionals when you need help.

The days of manually entering and transferring information multiple times between computers and devices are gone; you enter or change it once, and it’s changed everywhere.

You can literally halve the time you’re currently spending in business management programs, and you’ll never have to upgrade or install third-party hardware, software, or operating systems again.

NetSuite’s first principle is efficiency. It’s one that many vendors will claim to be able to deliver as the uptake of cloud-based IT services increases across the globe, but it’s also one that needs to be done well if the business is going to profit from it.

NetSuite’s cloud delivery is renowned for its reliability and usability, and they even offer a 99.5% uptime guarantee with their business management software.

Their suites are also easier and cheaper to implement than pretty much any other business application, so you won’t be breaking the bank to get your service running.

NetSuite Dashboard

2. Integration

As far as most business owners know, there’s always a bit of negotiating to be done between programs. There’s the marketing and sales, the ordering, tracking, and fulfillment of e-commerce, and the relentless burden of accounting that all need to be managed separately while somehow running your business as a single entity.

With NetSuite, those days are gone. NetSuite is a fully integrated system, capturing all your data in a single database, and looking after your business throughout the entire lifecycle of every transaction.

It can take care of everything from lead generation and other marketing matters, to ERP, where it really shines.

It helps you through communication and sales processes, and tracks your orders for you when they’re made. It even does your dirty work for you—say goodbye to those awkward emails, because it automatically generates requests for payment and conducts follow-up communications.

If that’s not enough of an incentive, there’s also the significant reduction in cycle times and errors that comes with integrating your ERP, CRM, and e-commerce suites.

It removes the cost of human error in transcribing data, which can account for a surprisingly large portion of your losses.

3. Visibility

It’s often difficult when you’re managing a business to understand your incomings and outgoings without manually laying out in front of you.

But there’s no need for spreadsheets with NetSuite: it gives you real-time dashboards and analytics so you can see how your business is performing at any given time.

NetSuite’s biggest strengths arguably lie in its capacity for inventory management and order management.

You can instantly see your expenses, stock levels, sales, and shipping and fulfillment, and it can even generate alerts to let you know when your stock is running low or about to expire (or automatically order replacement stock). It can help you see how your business is performing, and then help you with expense management.

You can even manage your employees and customers with it: because everyone works from a single source for managing finance, sales and customer data, you’ll always have an eye on what your employees are doing and how your customers are being looked after.

You can do away with relying on secondhand information, and see for yourself how your front end is working when you’re not physically there to supervise.

4. Accessibility

What makes this all possible is, of course, the fact that NetSuite is cloud-based. You don’t need to access a particular device—like running back to your place of business in the evening when you’re trying to do your financials in your down time—you just open it up in any browser.

Browser and mobile access allows you to see what’s happening in your business, anywhere, anytime. And because the integration of your online and bricks and mortar channels is completely seamless, there’s no going back and forth transferring or saving information—which is also a protective factor, in the event that your business is hit by theft or disaster. You might lose a couple of monitors, but you won’t lose months or years of financials, and NetSuite will have a solid record of your stock to make it easier when you’re claiming on insurance.

NetSuite’s powerful site hosting also deploys the website quickly.

The interface is sleek, and it won’t chew your entire bandwidth just to get on and make some quick entries.

NetSuite Mobile

5. Scalability

NetSuite and small to medium businesses are a match made in heaven. It’s an adaptable, scalable suite that allows you to start small, then add functionality as your business’s demands change.

Whether you’re running an established business, or you’re in the throes of a startup venture, NetSuite has customisable solutions to meet your business management needs. It’s easy to add users and modules to your suite, because you don’t need to do any hard installation; you just purchase the new module and log back into the suite, and it will be added to your configuration. In essence, any changes you want to make to the programs you use to operate your business can be made without buying a new software suite or relying on IT professionals.

You can also customise your service without risking being stuck in one software version. Traditionally, business management involved a big outlay for expensive software that was virtually always obsolete within a couple of years. The expense of upgrading it is now gone, as is the time (and risk) involved in reentering the data that didn’t make it. NetSuite’s innovative upgrades are automatic, happen twice a year, and it regularly backs up your information without you lifting a finger. You even get the ability to use your data in the new release preview 45 days before the go live of each new version, automatically.

6. Cost efficiency

If all the other benefits aren’t enough to convince you that your business is in good hands with NetSuite, you might be swayed by the cold, hard, cash savings.

NetSuite integrates and automates your business functions, saving you time across sales, marketing, financial management, inventory management, employee management and customer service. That’s a lot of time, and time is money.

Some reasonable reports estimate that NetSuite can reduce days of sales outstanding by 10-20%, and reduce overall inventory expenses by 15-30%, just through better management.

It’s also been argued to reduce the cost of training in its user-friendly interface, reduce data entry time with its paperless workflow, and improve sales performance by 15-20%. It’s even been proposed that NetSuite reduces the resolution time of customer service calls by 30-60%.

And because it’s cloud-based and ridiculously efficient, you’ll also see a drastic reduction in your IT expenses—up to 50%—because there’s no manual maintenance and upgrades.

These are all tangible, measurable, bottom-line savings, and it’s not unreasonable to expect that you’ll notice the savings immediately.


7. Customer service

Customers are more savvy today, expecting more from businesses simply because they have the power of choice. The expect better service, and it’s ultimately the factor that will set your business apart from the rest—whether it’s for better or worse.

NetSuite offers a means of managing customer relationships and improving the services that keep them loyal. NetSuite’s cloud-based customer relationship management gives you real-time insight into their movements, generating sales force and automating your marketing.

NetSuite helps you know your customers, meet their needs, encourage their custom, and deliver them a seamless online experience so you can both reap the benefits of e-commerce.

Customers are happy when they’re doing business with NetSuite’s customers. And NetSuite’s customers are our customers: no matter whether you’re embarking on a new venture, or you’re moving your established business into a brave new world of technology, contact AppleJack for more information on NetSuite’s range of products. We’ll be happy to give you a fresh perspective on streamlining your business operations, and move you into a bright future of automation.

We'll be happy to give you a fresh perspective on streamlining your business operations, and move you into a bright future of automation.

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