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Cloud-based financial/ERP and omnichannel commerce software


Software for modern manufacturing businesses

NetSuite’s ERP software provides an unfair advantage for Australian manufacturers. Run your business through a single, cloud-based platform that delivers your core business functions including CRM, HCM, e-commerce, accounting, financials, inventory, warehouse management and supply chain management.

Software For Modern Manufacturing Businesses


Built for global expansion

Expand your business with seamless integration between global networks of suppliers and partners. Improve operational efficiency with real-time visibility. Run your manufacturing business from a unified global business management platform that easily manages multinational and multi-subsidiary operations.


Manufacture to demand

Get your inventory levels right by manufacturing what you need, when you need it. By manufacturing to demand, you spend less time re-tooling your machines and more time running longer batches. This increases efficiency, reduces machine downtime and lowers the cost of your production. This equals higher profit and more competitive pricing.

Real-time inventory management

How would real-time insight into your stock levels, properly and accurately costed items help your business? NetSuite delivers real-time, costed to the cent (labour, cost of materials, consumables, machine run) inventory with unprecedented visibility.

Integration with your CRM and your sales engine mean representatives can enter orders directly into the system, with full view of stock availability, available to promise, lead times and more. Empower your representatives to cross-sell products which are on hand with the promise of faster fulfilment, without having to manufacture to order.


The benefits are significant:

  • Report on your most profitable items in real-time.
  • Identify pricing issues that might be causing you to lose money.
  • Consolidate your range, re-price your goods to ensure they are profitable.
  • Manage demand and make decisions about future product SKUs.
  • Report and be alerted to ageing stock and take action to clear it out of your warehouse to make room for something fast moving.


Engineered for success

  • Integrates with most CAD applications.
  • Extended capabilities for inventory control tracking, project planning and costings.
  • Supports a range of inventory costing methods including FIFO, average, standard, LIFO and actual costing.
  • Automated tracking of products from conception to delivery including serial and batch tracking, BOM component revision control, tracking of batches and serial numbers from conception till delivery, increasing traceability and compliance.
Engineered for Success


Visibility for your customers

B2B integration comes as standard, meaning your customers will be able to log into your system, place their orders, raise queries, pay bills directly, raise return orders, view financial statements, stock on hand and customised pricing/information.

Fully integrated with your e-commerce

  • Integrate your systems with your existing e-commerce platform. Don’t have an e-commerce website? No problem. NetSuite can become one for you! You can use the basic e-commerce module built in to get your products online and selling in minutes or step up to the more advanced web store modules, depending on your requirements.

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