NetSuite for CFOs


When it comes to delivering an ERP system that CFOs approve of, the smart money is on Applejack and NetSuite.

The role of the CFO is far more fluid now than ever before. In addition to handling the day-to-day finances, compliance, audit and long term financial planning, CFOs are increasingly being asked to provide real-time visibility across a wide spectrum of business activities.

NetSuite allows you to control your core operational processes in one fully integrated system, giving you the opportunity to play a more substantial role in other aspects of the business.

It effortlessly delivers the flexibility a modern CFO needs without compromising your ability to manage risk, improve cash-flow and increase profitability.



NetSuite helps your company do better business.

NetSuite’s world-class ERP solution delivers a wide range of benefits designed to enable your financial processes to run more smoothly and reduce costs, including:

  • Cloud-based system removes the cost of hardware maintenance, in-house servers, databases, backups and other IT infrastructure, reducing cost of ownership
  • Multi-company supported in more than 217 countries across 190 currencies, 19 languages and tax reporting in 50+ locales
  • Scalability to support growth
  • Business continuity and disaster protocols provide peace of mind that your data is safe and recoverable
  • Built in real-time financial dashboards, reporting and analytics enable faster, more accurate decision making.


NetSuite helps you do business better.

The best CFOs have always been more than bean counters. They look beyond the figures on the balance sheet to see the business in a holistic way that encompasses every aspect of finance from material assets to compliance to productivity goals. With NetSuite on your side you’ll find you have more time to explore other areas of your role:

  • Strategy: Concentrate on activities that improve company performance and shareholder value by delegating critical but mundane finance functions while still maintaining overall control
  • Personnel: Deliver stability and job security by normalising efficiency and cost-effectiveness company-wide
  • Collaboration: NetSuite’s cloud-based solutions mean people in other management positions and departmental teams can access financial data to share information and help make more effective business decisions.


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