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We have a deep understanding of manufacturing businesses and the challenges they face.

Production Planning and Scheduling
Poor production planning and scheduling can lead to resource bottlenecks, extended lead times, and higher production expenses.
Quality Control and Compliance
Guaranteeing product quality and adherence to industry regulations is vital. However, without adequate systems, accomplishing this can be difficult.
Forecasting Demand
Predicting future customer demand to optimise production, inventory and resource allocation.
Supply Chain Complexity
Managing complex supply chains involving multiple suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors.
Inventory Management
Balancing inventory levels to meet demand without overstocking or stockouts.
Order Fulfillment Efficiency
Ensuring timely and accurate order processing and fulfillment to meet customer expectations.
Cost Management
Controlling operational costs such as inventory carrying costs, transportation expenses, and labour costs.
Expanding into new markets and dealing with international trade regulations, currency fluctuations, and cultural differences.

How can Applejack help you?

Applejack has the experience and knowledge to utilise NetSuite to overcome the challenges of the manufacturing industry and help your business grow and prosper.

In the fast-paced world of manufacturing, standing out is more than just an ambition — it is a necessity. While there is no shortage of growth opportunities, harnessing them effectively demands the right tools and partnerships.

With two decades of experience and a deep-rooted understanding of the manufacturing sector, Applejack utilises NetSuite, the #1 Manufacturing ERP, to surmount growth barriers and overcome industry challenges. Offering comprehensive implementation, development and support services, Applejack harnesses the power of NetSuite, to provide clients with a complete view of their manufacturing processes. Applejack's experienced and knowledgeable team tailor solutions to meet your manufacturing and business requirements.

By partnering with Applejack, manufacturers benefit from streamlined operations, reduced costs, and increased efficiency, ultimately leading to improved profitability and growth.

Why choose Oracle NetSuite?

The #1 Cloud Business Software Suite used by more than 38,000 customers worldwide.

Streamline your manufacturing operations with NetSuite’s superior cloud-based ERP, enabling comprehensive management of your whole business through a single, unified platform.
Key Features of Oracle NetSuite that address the challenges faced by Manufacturers
SuiteSuccess for Manufacturing is NetSuite's specialised ERP solution, designed to streamline operations for manufacturers. It offers pre-configured templates, industry-specific workflows, and best practices to expedite implementation and ensure successful outcomes.

Planning and Scheduling
NetSuite's MRP functionality allows manufacturers to efficiently plan production, manage inventory, and optimise resource usage, while features like work order and BOM management streamline processes, improving resource utilisation and ensuring timely delivery of high-quality products. NetSuite’s real-time scheduling engine, simplifies the complex task of scheduling within manufacturing, providing flexibility and intuitive operation.

Shop Floor Control
NetSuite offers comprehensive tools for shop floor management, facilitating tasks such as tracking work-in-progress, and monitoring production efficiency. With real-time access, users can issue materials, record production, identify quality issues, and log downtime instantly. These features, including work order management, labour tracking, machine scheduling, and mobility, aim to streamline shop floor operations, enhancing efficiency and productivity.
Quality Control
NetSuite offers robust quality management features for manufacturers to define and track quality control processes, ensuring product integrity and compliance. By enabling the creation of inspection plans, defining pass/fail criteria, and monitoring results in real-time with minimal overhead, NetSuite helps improve product quality while reducing costs. Its mobile functionality allows the conduct and recording of inspections directly from the shop floor, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.
Demand Planning
NetSuite provides demand planning tools that enable manufacturers to forecast customer demand, optimise inventory levels, and prevent stockouts. Leveraging historical data, market trends, and predictive analytics, NetSuite's demand planning and forecasting capabilities help improve production scheduling, minimise excess inventory, and enhance customer satisfaction.
Demand Planning
NetSuite provides demand planning tools that enable manufacturers to forecast customer demand, optimise inventory levels, and prevent stockouts. Leveraging historical data, market trends, and predictive analytics, NetSuite's demand planning and forecasting capabilities help improve production scheduling, minimise excess inventory, and enhance customer satisfaction.
Order Management
NetSuite's order management optimises order fulfillment through streamlined processes, real-time inventory data utilisation, and automation, enhancing customer experiences, reducing costs, and improving inventory management and labour efficiency within a unified system.
Inventory Management
NetSuite offers extensive inventory management solutions, facilitating efficient inventory tracking across multiple locations, including lot and serial number tracking, expiration date monitoring, optimising inventory and supplier relations, streamlining supply chain processes, and ensuring that Manufacturers maintain accurate inventory levels and visibility throughout the manufacturing process.
Purchasing and Supply Chain Management
NetSuite's purchasing and supply chain management capabilities, streamline operations and enhance efficiency, offering supply chain portals for vendors, customers, and sales partners, providing real-time visibility into spend, inventory, and supply chain metrics, automating purchasing processes, and facilitating supplier relationship management.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
NetSuite's CRM features contact management, sales force automation, and marketing automation for effective customer relationship management, providing multi-channel campaign tracking, automated case management, a comprehensive customer view, detailed interaction documentation, and marketing updates.
Financial Management
NetSuite's robust financial management tools automate essential processes, offering real-time financial data via dashboards and reports to enhance decision-making and minimise manual errors, ensuring improved financial visibility and control with features like budgeting.
Global Management
NetSuite offers multi-currency management, multi-subsidiary accounting, and consolidated financial reporting, which is ideal for manufacturing companies that operate in multiple countries and currencies.

Benefits reported in customer surveys after switching to NetSuite

60% to 80% reduction in customer backorders
2% to 10% increase in revenue performance
20% to 30% reduction in inventory costs
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