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Service Organisations

Welcome to Applejack.

We have a deep understanding of service businesses and the challenges they face.

At AppleJack, we have worked with many businesses in the services industry to improve their practices and have seen the challenges they face first hand.
As the industry continues to change at an increasingly rapid pace, many businesses, particularly those relying on aged, on premise ERP systems, are struggling to keep up.
Common Issues of Service Organisations

Here are some of the key issues those with businesses in the services industry are struggling with;

  • Metrics based on unreliable data.
  • Duplicative and manual processes.
  • Maintaining compliance and control.
  • Lack of flexibility resulting in an inability to scale.
  • Inability to effectively manage people and projects.

With NetSuite and Applejack’s combined experience and knowledge of the services industry, we are able to address these challenges and help our clients meet objectives and seamlessly grow their business.
NetSuite: Leading Practices for Service Organisations

NetSuite offers you a proven path to success by implementing their tried and tested industry leading practices.

This implementation, delivered by Applejack, comes pre-configured with everything you need to get up and running straight away.

Improve the way your service business operates with:

  • Continuous customer lifecycle engagement
    To ensure seamless continuity from sales to services to support.
  • Full visibility across the organisation
    To operate at the speed of modern business, drive results and scale.
  • Industry-based leading practices
    Already built into the system.
  • Fully flexible platform
    Which allows for customisation to industry and business needs.
  • 150+ pre-built reports and pre-configured roles
    With industry specific dashboards and business intelligence metrics.

Benefits reported in customer surveys after switching to NetSuite

60% to 80% reduction in customer backorders
2% to 10% increase in revenue performance
20% to 30% reduction in inventory costs
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