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Wholesale Distributors

Transform your wholesale distribution business with Applejack and NetSuite

Welcome to Applejack.

We have a deep understanding of wholesale distribution businesses and the challenges they face.

Inventory Management
Balancing inventory levels to meet demand without overstocking or stockouts.
Order Fulfillment Efficiency
Ensuring timely and accurate order processing and fulfillment to meet customer expectations.
Cost Management
Controlling operational costs such as inventory carrying costs, transportation expenses, and labour costs.
Customer Expectations
Meeting the evolving expectations of customers, including faster delivery times, personalised service, and omnichannel experiences.
Supply Chain Complexity
Managing complex supply chains involving multiple suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors.
Market Volatility
Dealing with fluctuations in demand, pricing, and market trends.
Facing stiff competition from other distributors, online marketplaces, and direct-to-consumer sales.
Expanding into new markets and dealing with international trade regulations, currency fluctuations, and cultural differences.

How can Applejack help you?

If you are experiencing any of the above issues, Applejack has the experience and knowledge to utilise NetSuite to overcome the challenges of the wholesale distribution industry and help your business grow.

At Applejack, we understand the unique challenges faced by wholesale distribution businesses across all sectors. Many of these businesses recognise the need for growth and adaptation to remain efficient and profitable, yet they are often hindered by outdated and cumbersome systems and processes.

Specialising in providing integrated business management solutions utilising NetSuite, we bring two decades of experience to the table. Our tailored NetSuite solutions cater to all sectors of the wholesale distribution industry, ensuring streamlined processes, rapid ROI, and improved customer experience. As one of Australia's leading NetSuite partners, we prioritise understanding your business to ensure our solution meets your specific business needs both now and in the future. As part of our comprehensive service offering, we also provide ongoing support and training to ensure your sustained success post implementation.

Why choose Oracle NetSuite?

The #1 Cloud Business Software Suite used by more than 38,000 customers worldwide.

Streamline your wholesale distribution operations with NetSuite’s superior cloud-based ERP, enabling comprehensive management of your whole business through a single, unified platform.

Key Features of Oracle NetSuite that address the challenges faced by Wholesale Distributor
SuiteSuccess for Wholesale Distribution is NetSuite's specialised ERP solution, designed to streamline operations for wholesale distributors. It offers pre-configured templates, industry-specific workflows, and leading practices to expedite implementation and ensure successful outcomes.
Inventory Management
NetSuite offers extensive inventory management solutions, facilitating efficient inventory tracking across multiple locations, including lot and serial number tracking, expiration date monitoring, optimising inventory and supplier relations, streamlining supply chain processes, and automating warehouse operations for enhanced delivery times and customer satisfaction.
Order Management
NetSuite's order management optimises the sales process, covering quote-to-cash, automated processing, and min-max order automation, reducing bottlenecks, maintaining service levels, and facilitating omnichannel commerce with features such as automated backorder management and RMA processing, all in one platform.
Warehouse Management
NetSuite's warehouse management capabilities, including pick, pack, and ship automation, WMS integration, and barcoding, enhance inventory and operational efficiency by optimising day-to-day warehouse operations, reducing overhead and cycle times, increasing inventory turns and on-time delivery rates, providing continuous forecasts, automating replenishment processes, reducing picking times and shipping costs.
Purchasing and Supply Chain Management
NetSuite's purchasing and supply chain management capabilities, streamline operations and enhance efficiency, offering supply chain portals for vendors, customers, and sales partners, providing real-time visibility into spend, inventory, and supply chain metrics, automating purchasing processes, and facilitating supplier relationship management.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
NetSuite's CRM features contact management, sales force automation, and marketing automation for effective customer relationship management, providing multi-channel campaign tracking, automated case management, a comprehensive customer view, detailed interaction documentation, and marketing updates.
Financial Management
NetSuite's robust financial management tools automate essential processes, offering real-time financial data via dashboards and reports to enhance decision-making and minimise manual errors, ensuring improved financial visibility and control with features like budgeting.
Global Management
NetSuite offers multi-currency management, multi-subsidiary accounting, and consolidated financial reporting, which is ideal for wholesale distribution companies that operate in multiple countries and currencies.

Benefits reported in customer surveys after switching to NetSuite

60% to 80% reduction in customer backorders
2% to 10% increase in revenue performance
20% to 30% reduction in inventory costs
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