NetSuite for CIOs


Great ERP is the key to building a successful business. Applejack and NetSuite are the key to great ERP.

These days, the role of the CIO goes far beyond advising what tech to invest in and making sure it’s all working properly. Businesses demand their CIOs are also experts on business growth, data management, security issues and much more.

NetSuite’s integrated business software suite gives you the ability to deploy, customise and scale your business data in a way that enables faster, more accurate and more decision making in real time and empowers colleagues company-wide.

It broadens the influence and reach of the CIO in a positive way that benefits the entire business.



NetSuite helps your company do better business.

NetSuite’s world-class ERP solution delivers a wide range of benefits designed to help your company run more smoothly, increase efficiency and reduce costs, including:

  • Cloud infrastructure enables rapid deployment of mature, full featured ERP/financials without additional IT resources
  • Limitless customisation and seamless upgrades allow you to tailor the system to your specific business processes and goals
  • Pre-built integration with other operational systems through the Built for NetSuite network
  • Globally multi-company enabled across more than 217 countries and 190 currencies
  • Secure access and multiple protection features deter malware and ransomware incursions.


NetSuite helps you do business better.

One of the things that turns a good CIO into a great CIO is never settling for second best. The job demands you are always looking for new innovations that will help keep your company one step ahead of the rest. With NetSuite delivering all that and more, you’ll find you have a chance to immerse yourself in key areas of your role that can make a big difference to the business and your personal growth:

  • Strategy: Help influence company strategy by replacing siloed or disparate business data streams and leveraging new tools to ensure greater access and use is made of the business’ owned knowledge and resources
  • Personnel: Run IT operations without having to worry about infrastructure and downtime, enabling your IT Team to offer increased support for company business operations and make greater use of their talents and abilities
  • Collaboration: Build stronger links between departments and individuals, solve complex technical solutions as a team and work hand in hand with other executives to deliver additional business value thanks to streamlined ERP resources and optimised processes.


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